Amina & S


This means that every team member, regardless of where they work, returns home safely at the end of the day. A strong, energetic, motivated team member means the organization is healthy. This means that their work is done on time, in line with customer expectations. A properly started, processed and completed order is an investment in the creation of a new one. We are interested in the physiological and structural health of our organization. Health is development, cooperation, strength, technical progress and interesting work.


Events that can occur in the workflow are associated with various risks to employees and the organization. Working with the customer at an early stage, we take an integrated approach to identifying and mitigating potential project risks. We develop an action plan to achieve the best project results and reduce potential risks.


This is not just a word and is not formally accepted by us. It is in our interest to preserve the environment in which we live and pass it on to future generations. Mechanical damage, pollution and emissions of various gases that can cause damage during operation are factors that directly affect the environment. The protection of nature is the duty of every person on Earth. In addition to documentation and procedures, we provide training, live communication and practice for our team members.