Amina & S


Grow your bussiness and build your dream world

As Amina & S Services, we provide design, construction and procurement services for works in the private and public sectors of Azerbaijan. We provide our clients with advanced solutions in a variety of areas, including construction, building management systems, operations and acquisitions.

We value relationships based on promise and trust. Our most valuable resources are people who follow our traditions and values ​​of excellence. Regardless of the location, be it a head office or a workplace, we try to work in a TEAM. This means we deliver consistent, high quality results to our clients no matter where we serve them.

The reputation of the team is very important to us and corresponds to our basic principle: “Do the work in a way when our customers return to us.” Customers that return to us are real value to us. The strength of our relationship, our dedicated employees and teamwork have enabled us to grow nationally and support our customers where they need it.

More than construction; we are a company of people who are closely related to each other and to our communities.

– More greenery – less waste

– Faster – build in a controlled environment

– Smart – safer and more practical solutions

– Construction all-year round, at any time of the year, in almost any climate and conditions

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